zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Sailing Yacht "De Boekanier".

Welcome to the introduction page of the sailing yacht "De Boekanier"!

De Boekanier, (Dutch for Buccaneer), was custom built at the Colvic wharf in England in the year 1993 and the finishing touch was done in the Netherlands.
It is a 41 Ft sailing yacht with accommodation for 6 persons in total.
At the moment the home harbour of De Boekanier is the Flevo Marina at Lelystad in the Netherlands.
This Marina is next to the lake: IJsselmeer.
The skipper is Cees Speets, and he tries to get De Boekanier out on the lake or the salty sea water as much possible!!

In May 2013 De Boekanier starts his journey to the south of Spain, Ayamonte.
Read all about it in the blog! (see button above).

In August 2012 De Boekanier has made an international trip from Lelystad to Ramsgate (England) and back.
You can follow the trip and read the blogs and see the pictures, by clicking on the button above.

In June 2011 De Boekanier made a 7 weeks trip to St Malo in France and the English South coast (see button above).

Have fun reading the blogs and keep following us.
We will keep you updated.

Cees Speets & his Crews